Clear & Happy Sage Bundle

Clear & Happy Sage Bundle

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Sage burning is an ancient ritual called smudging, meant to help improve focus and open pathways for intuition. It has been commonly used to expel negative energy and improve positive vibrations. This 7 Chakra Rose Petal & Yellow/Orange Candle bundle comes complete with ingredients to help open the senses to clear your pathway for better things. Use these ingredients and the Care Card included to create a ritual that helps remove barriers to life and puts you in tune with your best self. 

This bundle contains: Sage stick with 7 Chakra Rose Petals to bring love, peace, and happiness, while the yellow/orange candle ritual can be used to bring clarity and abundance or positive communication. Palo Santo is used to help spiritually clean you and your space, leaving you open to accept a greater connection with the earth. Selenite is a general purpose crystal used in meditation and healing, your source of white energy light to help release negative attachments and stagnant energy, while opening the pathways to listen to your intuition.

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