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Recharging Stone 7 Chakra Angel Wand

Recharging Stone 7 Chakra Angel Wand

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This is a large and beautiful reddish-brown piece of Fossil Jasper, or Miriam Stone shaped into a wand, with a large single piece angel mounted on top. 7 chakra stones adorn the top of the wand in a waving pattern, corresponding to the colors needed for each of the 7 chakra waves of energy. This is a large piece that's approximately 1.25" inches at the widest part, and 5.75" inches long. One of the most powerful bodywork tools you'll ever find! The chakra crystals are ruby garnet, carnelian, citrine, peridot, moonstone, iolite, and amethyst.

Why a Recharging Stone?
Miriam Stone (Calligraphy Stone, Elephant Skin Jasper, Fossil Jasper, Arabic Stone) can be used to clear and activate the energy centers of the body, giving a strong sense of physical connection to the earth. It has been used to recharge and rejuvenate, giving it the name “Recharging Stone”. Hold one in your hand while you take a moment to meditate.

Fossil Jasper comes in many different colors and pattern variations. The names fossil, calligraphy, and recharging, all come from the unique colors and patterns from how this was formed by the ancient powers and energy of the Earth. 

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