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Blue Moon Gypsy

Sunshine Tangerine & Vanilla Mini Skull Soap

Sunshine Tangerine & Vanilla Mini Skull Soap

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This is a pocket full of sunshine to push the stress away. Cheerful and invigorating, this has a sweet tangerine, with a hint of Vanilla. Each pack weighs approximately 2 oz, and has a shimmer dust on top, making it both beautiful and only lightly fragrant. An shea butter base leaves you feeling soft and clean.These make great guest soaps, functional and beautiful. Each pack comes with two (2). 

Why Tangerine & Vanilla?

Tangerine also helps reduce inflammation and has antibacterial qualities. It is used as an astringent and can help reduce oils on the skin. The smell of citrus can help improve symptoms of morning sickness, and have a positive affect on anxiety and depression. 


Vanilla has traditionally been used in internal medicine for stomach ailments or fevers. We use it today to offer a sweet flavor to our cooking. It has a pleasant aroma that brings about feelings of peace and warmth.
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