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Blue Moon Gypsy

Fancy Lemongrass/Sage & Lavender/Rosemary Bar

Fancy Lemongrass/Sage & Lavender/Rosemary Bar

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Two beautiful bars in one pack, day & night! I make a cute gift. There is one fresh Lemongrass oil, a hint of Frankincense, mixed with the earthiness of sage oil. This one makes funky hands smell better or help improve blemishes! Finely ground lemongrass offers a gentle scrub with all kinds of great properties, it kinda wakes you up. It is paired with the peaceful and calming, sweet aroma of Lavender and Vanilla.  Wash away negativity and relax with a quick shower before bed. There are lavender buds in a double butter base, leaving you extra soft.

Each pack weighs approximately 3 oz, and has a shimmer dust on top, making it both beautiful and fragrant. There are dried flowers in each bar.

Why Lemongrass and Sage?

Lemongrass helps reduce inflammation and has been used as an antiseptic. When it is used as an astringent, it can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin more even toned and glowing. The smell of lemons can help improve symptoms of common colds, ease morning sickness, and have a positive affect on anxiety and depression. Lemon helps mask the smell of common foods that may transfer to your skin, such as garlic or fish.

Sage is said to improve joint and muscular pain and can be used to help calm muscle spasms when used properly. It can help calm the itch and burn of Athletes Foot, or other skin conditions such as eczema. The scent of sage can create an uplifting and happy feeling and is often used as a natural deodorizer.  

Frankincense is within the same family of helper essential oils, and can be used to help clear your sinuses and relieve congestion from a colds when used in a diffuser or incense. The woodsy sweet aroma helps manage stress levels and can promote better sleep.  

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