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Silver Sam

Your Favorite 'Not Leather' Jacket

Your Favorite 'Not Leather' Jacket

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The jacket versatile enough to go with anything your free spirit could get into. Soft and comfortable with a little wild side; wrap style breast overlay with short - full zipper. There is a waist belt buckle, wrist zippers, front decorative zipper pockets, and decorative shoulder snaps. 

Materials: Man made polyester & spandex blends. 

Sizes in inches, approximately measurements with stitching allowance of .5in. L=Length, C=Chest, S=Shoulders

S: L- 17.72in / C- 34.65in / S- 14.76

M: L- 18.11in / C- 36.22in / S- 15.16in

L: L- 18.50in / C- 37.8in / S- 15.55in

XL: L- 18.89in / C- 39.37in / S- 15.95in

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