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Teal Lily

Shungite Pendulum

Shungite Pendulum

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The Shungite Pendulum measures approximately 1.5" inches and the chain meausres 8.5" inches. Shungite is known as the Miracle stone because of its healing powers. The stone will cleanse you of all negativity and purify your soul, body and mind. It's made up of mostly carbon which can help reduce exposure to electronic and magnetic fields. Shungite has been around for millions of years, and was even used as a water purifier since the 1700s. It has properties that reduce inflammation, stress and bacteria. With the Shungite Pendulum your mind and body will be answered in high spirits and keep you positively grounded. 

Once you've selected your pendulum, sit down with it, hold it in your hand, and ask your Spirit Guides to communicate with you using this stone. Hold the tip of the chain with one hand, so that the pendulum is centered over the palm of your other hand. Ask the pendulum to swing the direction for Yes and for No.

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