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Blue Moon Gypsy

Witches Broom/Besom - With Lapis Lazuli & Palo Santo

Witches Broom/Besom - With Lapis Lazuli & Palo Santo

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This Witches Broom/Besom/Wedding Jump Broom is approximately 12" inches of natural light bleached straw. It comes adorned with white Baby's Breath, lavender flowers, some blue whiskers and eucalyptus. Blue cord and wire holds on a Lapis Lazuli crystal and Palo Santo Stick. This broom was hand crafted to bring protection, luck, love, and prosperity from Gypsy kitchen to your home, with peace, love & light. 

Broomsticks are a symbol of sweeping away the old, decluttering the home or space, and clearing it of negative or stale energies. Hang your broom with the bristles pointed up to ward off evil spirits and negativity. 

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